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The College Now program works with students who are earning college credits while still in high school.  Students who are interested in the dual credit classes would attend San Jacinto College for two periods in their Dobie schedule.  Classes can also be taken in the summer.  The program is currently open to juniors and seniors who have a 3.0 overall GPA.  To find out more, visit the College Now office in P-16.

 Ms. Johnson

Ms. Johnson

Program Director of College Now

Ext. 04131

Ms. Carlton 

Ms. Carlton

Program Asst. for College Now
Scholarship Coordinator

Ext. 04115




 Ms. Marsh

Lead Counselor

11th & 12th Grade TAKS Re-testers & B, C, & D


Ext. 04129

Ms. Haynes


Team 5, M, N, O

Ext. 04123

 Ms. Medrano

Ms. Medrano

Team 6, E, F, & G

Ext. 04128

 Ms. Page

Ms. Page

Transition Counselor

Ext. 04406


  Ms. Smajstrla

Ms. Smajstrla

Team 3, P, Q, & R

Ext. 04383




  Ms. Thompson

 Ms. Thompson

Team 4, & A, V, W, X, Y, & Z

  Ext. 04136  


Ms. Williams 

Ms. Williams

Team 2 & H, I, J, K, & L

Ext. 04113


Mr. Long 

Mr. Long

Team 1 & S, T, U

Ext.  04208 


Ms. Steele - College Counselor

Ms. Steele

College Counselor

Ext. 04364


Ms. Nicholson - Dobie Learning Center Counselor

Ms. Nicholson
Dobie Learning Center
Ext. 04142


Ms. McDonald 

Mrs. Carol McDonald

Dobie H.S. and Dobie East Campus

Ext. 04235

Room 240 





 Ms. Nguyen

Counselors' Secretary

(Allen, Griffin, Marsh, & Page)

Ext. 04121


 Ms. Hobbs - Counselor Secretary

Ms. Hobbs

Counselors' Secretary

(Haynes, Long, Medrano, Smajstrla, Thompson, & Williams)

Ext. 04124