Summer School

Summer School

Summer School 2017 Dobie High School

Dobie High School (serving DHS, PMHS, CTHS and Tegeler)

Late registration will be Monday June 5th from 8:00-12:00 in the counseling office. 

 SUMMER SCHOOL DATES: June 6-21   (two six-day sessions)

TIMES:             7:45 AM – 3:15 PM             (buses drop off at 7:15)     

REGISTRATION:        $65 per ½ credit course    
            ($100 per ½ credit course for former/out of district students)

All students can sign up for Remind 101 to get texts alerts and important information for SS.

Text @3c8cff to 81010

7:38 a.m …..…First bell rings

7:45 a.m …..…Tardy bell rings, class begins

3:15 p.m …..… Dismissal bell rings


  • Students will be able to park in the back student parking lot on a first come first serve basis.  They will enter the building through the gym hallway. 
  • Any abuse or misuse of student parking will result in removal from the Summer School program without refund or credit.



  • Free breakfast and lunch will be provided for all summer school students.  Students may also bring their lunch.
  • Students will not be allowed to leave campus during lunch.

Students outside the cafeteria during lunch without permission will be dismissed from the program


Dress code issues will not be tolerated during summer school.  Read the following most referred-to rules below carefully or refer to the 2017-2018 Student Code of Conduct.

  • Shirts must be appropriately sized with sleeves and free from inappropriate designs.
  • All slacks/jeans must be a solid color denim or slack style. They must be appropriately sized, fitted, and worn at the waist.  “Sagging” is not allowed.
  • Slacks/Jeans must be free from designs, no tears or holes above the knees, hammer loops or cargo style pockets. They must be fitted and worn at the waist.
  • Shorts, leggings, joggers, or sweat pants are NOT allowed.
  • Student identification badges are not required to be worn, but must be available on the person.
  • Shoes that can be described as flip flops cannot be worn.
  • No hats or caps will be worn inside the building.
  • Faces must be clean shaven.
  • Males are not permitted to wear earrings of any type. Students may not wear facial piercings.



  • Doctor’s appointments and other personal business should be scheduled on non-school days. Early release for appointments and personal business is not permitted, will be counted as an absence, and the student will be removed from the program.
  • Students with court dates must see one of the program managers PRIOR to the scheduled appearance, provide documentation of the scheduled date, and return with a letter verifying appearance before a judge. Failure to notify the program managers BEFORE the court date will result in removal form the program. The absence is only acceptable for the time of the court appearance, plus reasonable travel time. It is the student’s responsibility to complete the make-up time.
Any other absence, including unavoidable circumstances, will result in removal from summer school without refund or credit. 

Summer School Bus Schedule

* Note – CONNECT GROUP – In the AM - Load buses #215 & #219 at 7:20am & ride to Dobie  High @ 7:45am /  In the PM – Load buses #215 & #219 at Dobie High at 2:45pm & ride to Rayburn High @ 3:10pm for the PM dismissal.

*NOTE – ART ACADEMY In the AM – Load bus #146 at 7:20am & ride to Rayburn High at 7:45am / In the PM – Load bus #146 at Rayburn High at 2:45pm & ride back to Dobie High at 3:10pm for the PM dismissal.


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