The clubs and organizations listed below are the ones that meet at Mega Lunch.  Please check the drop down menu for other clubs and times on their web pages.


Club Room # Lunch 
Pals 505 A
Theatre Department Meetings Black Box-522 A
Karaoke club 142 A
Gamers Unplugged 216 A
Movie Club 310 AB
Marvel Movies 409 A
 Lariattes Social Officer Meeting  711 A
Private Lessons Club Orchestra Room  A
Key Club Officers 450 B
Science Club 304 B
Dobie Key Club Media Room B
FCCLA Officer Meeting 230 B
Latin Club 455 B
Book Nook 323 B
UIL Social Studies 219 B
Marine Biology Club P12 B
UIL Social Studies 219 B
Tablet Troubleshooting P39 B
 Juliet Weigand Black Box-522  B
 Student Council - Officer Meeting 252 B
 Spanish Vocabulary Word Search 443 B
 Science Club 304 B
 DHS Cinema Grill 309 B
 Brass Club Band Hall B


Club Room # Lunch 
UIL CS & CA BPA Prep 112 A
Study Hall 404 A
Improv Club Black Box- 522 A
AP Spanish Literature Acadamic Club 460 A
Chemistry Homework Help 313 A
Mandala Medidation 262 A
Dobie Bowling 444 A
Coloring Book Club 256 A
DECA 108 A
Study Hall 404 A
AVID Club 242 A
Business Professionals of America 113 A
US History Team meetings 258 A
Calculus AB Club 131 A
BC Calculus  129 A
Naturally Beautiful 414 A
US History Staar Tutorial Prep 112 B
Nerd Games 260 B
 DHS Woodwind Club  Band Hall  B
Prom Committee 108
 Crafts for Charity  409  B


Club Room # Lunch 
 Drama Officer Meeting  Black Box- 522  A
 Skills USA  104  A
 National French Contest  445  A
PALS 505 A
AP Chemistry Lab 311 AB
ReDesign, RePurpose, ReCycle 613 A
Surround Sound Theater  P30 A
New Movie Club  134 A
UIL Mathematics 117 A
National Honor Society 243 A
Dominos P33 A
JROTC Drill Team Mtg P1 A
Movie Club 310 AB
Creators Club P17/P18 A
Foodie 322 A
Anime Club 112 A
NSE Prep 420 B
Student Council 252 B
Dobie Multi Club 215 B
Drama Club Black Box-522 B
AP Government Review Session 219 B
Organization Club 136 B
Academic Decathlon Interview & Speech 216 B
Coloring Club 132 B
Special Topics in AP Biology 331 B
Speech & Debate 440 B
 Salsa & Merengue Club  451/453  B
 5K Club  444  B
 Video Game Club  258  B
 German Club  441  B
 SportsCenter(Study Hall)  P31  B


Club Room # Lunch 
Chess Club P13 A
Dobie FFA 604 A
PALS 505 A
Triple S 326 A
HOSA 204 A
Chess Cafe & Tournament Team P13 A
Star Wars Club 203/TBA A
Spanish Club 446 A
AP Chemisty Lab 311 AB
College & Career Exploration 119 A
Movie Club 406 A
AP Statictics 145 A
Dobie Bowling 444 A
US History Retesters Tutorial SIOP 253 A
Spanish Culture Club 418 A
illuminerdy 433 B
Coloring Club 452 B
AP US History Exam Review Session 219 B
Accounting UIL 118 B
AP Tutoring 603 B
PAP Geometry Tutoring 146 B
Harry Potter Club 414 B
Dobie Key Club Officers P38 B
Walking Dead Club/Science Movie Club 330 B
Digital Art Club P4 B
Geometry PAP Tutorials P35 B
 Bible Sudy 447 B


Club Room # Lunch 
Mega Mic  Theatre House AB
Contemporay Issues 424 A
AP Physics 1 Tutoring 306 A
PALS 505 A
Muslim Student Association 315 A
Teen Parent Support 127 A
Metal Music 413 A
Movie Appreciation 410 A
Sketchbook Challenge 601 A
Movie Club 310 AB
Java/CS Club 112 A
Focused AP Literature Prep Sessions 433 B
Ecology/Envirothon P13 B
Jewelry 148 B
Accounting UIL 118 B
APUSH Test Prep  216 B
Crochetting 148 B
DHS Cinema Grill 309 B
UIl Number Sense 133 B
Outrageous Acts of Science 305 B
Viral Videos 408 B
National Art Honor Society Club  605 B
Cake Decorating 248 B
Unsolved Mysteries  P11 B
AP Work History Prep 256 B

Mega Lunch Club Descriptions 2016-2017