Visual Arts

Sponsor - Ms. Albert

Visual Arts is held at B lunch in room 601, so please join now.
If interested in participating please stop by any art teacher’s room for more information.
 2015-16 Visual Arts Accomplishments

Pasadena Rodeo

Tu Anh Nguyen Tran: Reserve Grand Champion: $1,000 scholarship
Auctioned for $1,800

Mallerim Morales: 3rd Place: $500 scholarship, Auctioned for $1,500
Erika Rubio: 5th  place: auctioned for $1,200

Houston Rodeo

Deanna Ruiz: District Special Merit, Reserve Class Champion: Monochromatic Lot #10: Auctioned for $42,000 student received scholarship for $7,500

Nhi Vu: District Special Merit, Lot #16: Auctioned for $32,000 student received scholarship for $2,500

Mallerim Morales: District Special Merit, Lot# 42: Auctioned for $18,000 student received scholarship for $2,500

Catherine Nguyen: District Special Merit, Lot# 51: Auctioned for $20,000 student received scholarship for $2,500

An Duong: District Special Merit

Linda Nguyen: District Special Merit

Austin Rodeo

Deanna Ruiz: Traditional, Lot #9: Auctioned for $2,100
Dominique Cantu: Traditional, Lot #12: Auctioned for $2,000
Erika Rubio: Traditional, Lot #13: Auctioned for $2,300

Siege of the Skeletons

First Place High School Division
Emma Luna
Mark Garcia
Rosa Palencia
America Eguia
Yarenia Saliscano
Faith Hernandez
Tanner Vega

Earth Day Art Contest

12th grade division:
Briana Menendez - 1st Place

10th Grade Division:
Anthony Train - 2nd Place
Elizabeth Lozano - 3rd Place

9th  Grade Division:
Christian Saldivar - 2nd Place
Yareli Garcia - 3rd Place

Scholastic Art

Michaela Taylor – Gold Key- Drawing and Illustration
Derek Nguyen - Gold Key- Digital Art
Mallerim Morales- Gold Key Mixed Media
Catherine Nguyen- Gold Key- Drawing Illustration
Jennifer Nguyen- Silver Key –Mixed Media
Brittany Puente- Silver Key- Drawing and Illustration
Karen Flores- Silver Key- Drawing Illustration
Linda Ngyen- Silver Key –Portfolio
An Tran- Silver Key- Drawing and Illustration
Joanne Tran- Silver Key- Portfolio
Joanne Tran- Silver Key- Mixed Media

State V.A.S.E.

Thi Nguyen
Jennifer Nguyen
Nicole Delgado: Medaled
Karen Flores: Medaled
Natasha Gangestad: Medaled
Linda Nguyen: Medaled (2 pieces of artwork), $100 sketchbook scholarship
Vicky Nguyen: Medaled
Rosa Palencia: Medaled
Deanna Ruiz: Medaled
Joanne Tran: Medaled (2 pieces of artwork) and a Gold Seal
An Tran: Medaled

Houston Money Week Art Competition

Linda Nguyen - Best of Show - $100
Catherine Nguyen - 1st Place - $75
Joanne Tran - 2nd Place - $50
Nhi Vu - 3rd Place - $25
Linh - Honorable Mention - $20
Jocelyn Ramon - Honorable Mention - $20
Antony Nguyen - Honorable Mention - $20

Congressional Art

Ngoc Nguyen - 29th District Gene Green - 3rd Place