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         NEW MEMBERS 2017   
Welcome Letter

J. Frank Dobie High School 
2017 NHS Induction Class

Aguirre, Erik
Balzadua, Hillary
Caughlin, Connor
Chew, Kimberly
Cruz, Angela
Duong, Katelyn
Duong, Tiffany
Early, Elizabeth
Edo-Ewanshia, Osasere
Erazo, Joel
Flores, Katherine
Fuentes, Michelle
Gabino, Quinn
Garcia, Yareli
Gonzalez, Esmeralda
​Gonzalez, Stephanie
Green, Karen
Hernandez, Katelyn
Hernandez, Roxanne
Huynh, Kimberly
Izaquirre, Kimberli
Kay, Joshua
Luna, Nicolas
Luu, Austin
Maldonado, Aran
Martinez, Stephanie
​Mir, Maliha

Mir, Muniba
Mir, Zaki
Montez, Adrian
Morales, Mallerim
Moreno, Alejandro
Neira, Luis
Nguyen, Aaron
Nguyen, Alan
Nguyen, Andy
Nguyen, Anh Thu
Nguyen, Dalilia
Nguyen, Elena
Nguyen, Khanh
Nguyen, Michelle
Nguyen, Natalie
Nguyen, Randy
Nguyen, Ronald
Nguyen, Tiffany
Nguyen, Trinh
Oguamanam, Precious
Pham, Rachel
Phan, Amy
Portillo Gomez, Jasslyn
Rasool, Riija
Rodriguez, Natalie
​Sanchez, Kaitlyn

Schwausch, Lauren
Saloman, Kareem
Smith, Camille
Taylor, Madison
Taylor, Michaela
Tijinera, Christian
Tran, Alexis
Tran, Lily
Tran, Taylor
Trinh, Dominic
Van Pelt, Clare
Vargas, Leilani
Vela, Christian
Vidal, Melissa
Zarate, Stephanie



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Membership in the National Honor Society has become recognized nationally as one of the highest honors that can be bestowed upon a high school student. Membership, however, is more than an honor; it carries with it a responsibility and should be considered the beginning of an obligation, not merely the successful culmination of an effort to achieve recognition and honor.

Members are selected from grades eleven and twelve.

Grades for the grading period immediately preceding the induction must average 4.50 on the weighted grade-point system. Then an over-all average beginning with the ninth grade must be 4.50, also on the weighted grade-point system. Students are then selected by a faculty committee on the basis of character, scholarship, leadership, and service.

A student shall be ineligible if he or she, in either the previous or current semester, has acquired more than 10 days of detention, has been assigned to an alternative education program (Guidance Center or Community Education Partners (C.E.P.), Partnership School), Saturday Guidance Center, ISC, suspended or expelled.

Once a member, the student must maintain a 4.50 grade-point average.