Manga Club


 Sponsor - Ms. Collier

What is manga?

Manga refers to all comic books and graphic novels that were originally published in Japan. Manga is often considered an artistic and storytelling style that can also encompass non-Japanese works as well.


This club is promoting working together as a team to design a one-shot manga while at the same time, honing on our personal skills with our artistic styles. Besides from working on the manga throughout the year, we will also do fun activities to keep the club running smoothly, like reading and trading manga, watching anime once in a while, cosplaying (costume play - dressing up as characters from manga/animes), having picnics and outside meets, as well as discussing Japanese culture, such as its food, fashion, and music.

Anybody can join! It's not required for you to know how to draw and write as we will all learn how to improve those skills together. Anatomy study, analyzing a variety of artistic styles, learning perspective and panel building, and working together in a group are just some of the things we will learn to do in this club.


They will be held in Room P35, outside the Math hallway. (Grass Parking lot) on Thursdays during B Megalunch.


Nikki Tran

Vice President
Rosa Velazquez


Caxton Petri