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The College Now program works with students who are earning college credits while still in high school.  Students who are interested in the dual credit classes would attend San Jacinto College for two periods in their Dobie schedule.  Classes can also be taken in the summer.  The program is currently open to juniors and seniors who have a 3.0 overall GPA.  To find out more, visit the College Now office in P-16.

Ms. Johnson

Ms. Johnson

Program Director of College Now

Ext. 04131

Ms. Carlton 

Ms. Solis

Program Asst. for College Now
Scholarship Coordinator

Ext. 04115




Counselors open the Dobie Depot to help students with, school supplies, food, clothing, and more. Contact Ms. Thompson or Ms. Richardson about this program. See KHOU news story HERE.

We want to help you!  Please click the link below and fill out the form if you need assistance. 

 Dobie Depot Assistance Form

 Ms. Haynes - Lead Counselor

 Ms. Haynes

Lead Counselor

Last Names - L, M, N

Ext. 04123

Last Names - A, B, V, W, X, Y, Z

Ext. 04129

 Mrs. Jack - Dobie Counselor

Ms. Jack

Last Names - C, D, E, F

Ext. 04128

Ms. Walker - Dobie Transition Counselor

Ms. Walker

Transition Counselor
Last Names - A - Z
Ext. 04406

  Mrs. Smajstrla - Dobie Counselor

Ms. Smajstrla

Last Names - O, P, Q, & R

Ext. 04383

Mr. Long - Dobie Counselor

Mr. Long

Last Names - S, T, U

  Ext. 04208

 Ms. Richardson - Dobie Counselor

Ms. Richardson

Last Names - G, H, I, J, K

Ext. 04113


Ms. McDonald

 Mrs. Carol McDonald


Ext. 04235


Ms. Nguyen - Counselor Secretary

 Ms. Nguyen

Counselors' Secretary

Ext. 04121


 Ms. Garces - Counselor Secretary

Ms. Garces

Counselors' Secretary

Ext. 04124