FAQs about New Freshmen Campus

 FAQs about the New Ninth Grade Campus
 This will be a fuild webpage, please continue to check back as more questions are posted. 

How long will lunches be and will students be allowed to leave campus for lunch?

Lunches will be 55 minutes long and have built in opportunities for tutorials for all students, as well as focus tutorials for students struggling to master certain concepts. The 9th grade campus as well as the Dobie main campus will both be closed campuses. Students cannot leave during lunch.

Will the ninth grade campus open next year and where is it located?

The architects and contractors are assuring us that we will be opening in January of 2018. The campus is located at the corner of Monroe and Fuqua.

How often do we receive aerial photos?

You can provide pictures, we receive two photos each month and will welcome any photos of the new campus.  

Do you have a bell time for the ninth grade campus?

Bell schedule will have the same start and release times as Dobie main campus. The actual time of all the High Schools will be determined by the district.

Will the campus have mega lunch?

Yes the 9th grade campus will have mega lunch.

How will the Marching Band and Band class work?

Students participating in marching band will be shuttled to the main campus after school.  The 9th grade campus will offer all the other freshman band courses.