Red All Over

Red Ribbon Week comes to Dobie
Posted on 10/25/2018

By Andrea Uribe

Red Ribbon Week kicks off Monday, and the student council has organized a set of spirit days to promote the message and purpose of the annual event.

“Red Ribbon Week brings light to the destruction caused by drugs and substance abuse which is something we don't take lightly at Dobie.” said junior class president Jordan Tran. “It is important that we raise awareness on this matter and spread the word. We have created the spirit days in order to show our school pride and to make a pledge to be drug free.”

Red Ribbon Week was originally created in 1988 to recognize the loss of lives caused by drug violence and to bring awareness to alcohol, tobacco, and other drug abuse. Though this campaign was established over 30 years ago, its essence is not lost among the present youth and especially so among the members of Student Council.

Other students also recognized the significance of the week’s message. “It’s a really good way for people in high-school especially, to interact and be more involved in a good cause.” said Junior Giovanni Luna.

This seems to be the common outlook among students who are looking forward to participate in the spirit days ahead. The following is a list of the themes for each day:


Monday Oct. 29: “Wear Red from head to toe!” Red Out

Tuesday Oct.30: “Lei off drugs”  Hawaiian Day

Wednesday Oct. 31: “Have fun and be drug free!” Meme Day

Thursday Nov. 1: “Shine out against drugs!” Celebrity Day

Friday Nov. 2: “Drugs are old news!” Decade Day