Spirit Week A Success

Dobie Pride Seen Across Campus
Posted on 10/12/2018

By Emily Reyes
Oct. 12, 2018

From dressing up in spandex, to wearing tie-dye t-shirts and flower crowns, students find it in themselves to participate throughout Dobie’s Spirit week every year.

This years’ days? Superhero, Twin, 60s, Tacky Tourist, and the orthodox Orange Out day, respectively, throughout the week.

For as long as we can remember, Dobie has been doing Spirit Week to liven up students for the homecoming dance and game.  

 “It is the purpose Spirit Week serves,” assistant principal Lauren Calderaro said. “Homecoming is a traditional time for everybody to come together and celebrate the success of our school and our sports teams.”

   Compared to last year, the participation of spirit week has exceeded last years’. “I’ve seen that there’s been more participation.” said junior Enoc Curiel. “ It feels like every day has the level of participation that meme day got last year.”

   “I’m excited about spirit week,” said Judy Ngo, a Dobie senior. “The whole point of spirit week is the joyous atmosphere, so that’s what I feel it should be focused on.”

   Similarly, Eduardo Benavides said, “They have the potential to be fun if everyone dresses up and makes the most out of the days.”