Editorial: Being Comfortable

Editorial: Being Comfortable
Posted on 03/04/2019

By Jalen Iba 

Here at Dobie High School one of the rules for dress code is that boys are not allowed to wear shorts and are only allowed to wear pants jeans.

This is not exactly fair to those boys on campus who want to wear shorts and not pants every day, wanting to be comfortable at school and have more options to be very fashionable.

This dress code has been around for a long while in the Pasadena Independent School District and boys address the benefit of wearing shorts around school all the time.

Boys should be allowed to wear shorts on school campus to be comfortable and have more fashion options that come with it.

The shorts can be at or below the knees like skirts or dresses for female students. Wearing pants all the time can become uncomfortable to some people especially males and shorts should be another option.

Boys should have the ability to change into and wear shorts as part of the dress code the shorts can be down to the knees and will bring a comfortable and more fashionable option for students all over the school district.