Band Meets Stiff Competition At Area

Band Meets Stiff Competition At Area
Posted on 11/05/2018

By Cameron Tobias
Nov. 1, 2018

The J Frank Dobie Marching Band participated in the annual UIL Area competition On Oct. 27. The competition was held at the Challenger Columbia stadium in League City.

Ultimately, the band was halted in their advance at the preliminary stage of the contest.

In the UIL Area competition 25 bands from different schools participate, but only the top ten can advance to finals.

Dobie was well outside of the margin, being ranked 18th.

 “We ended up in 18th place overall, which is nothing to be ashamed of by any stretch,” band director Mr. Erickson said. “...At the same time, we feel like we certainly could have been in the mix to be in the top 12-13 bands there. And I firmly believe that.”

With next year’s show in the earliest stages of development, the plan for the Dobie band program is unclear.

“This band has really grown in terms of the quality and consistency of the performance, and their ability to connect to the audience,” Erickson said “…and that is a major leap forward for this band in setting us up for what we want to do in the future.”