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Until election day, Pasadena ISD will be producing a series of articles and materials to provide our community and stakeholders with a detailed look at both Propositions A & B. Additionally, parent, civic, and community presentations will be held to provide further information regarding these two Propositions. Our goal is to inform our Pasadena ISD community on the facts that have led the Board of Trustees and Administration to call for these two election items. Check back regularly to our website and social media channels for more information.  

Link to District Q&A about Hurricane Harvey

The link above will direct you to a Questions and Answer page about different situations that have come up regarding displaced families.  Please contact the school or district if you have any other questions.

City and state information can be found using the following link:



 Attention Incoming Freshmen Parents!!!
We know you have questions about the
new ninth grade campus. Please view the frequently asked question page. If you do
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submit the question(s) you may have.

Please note the new Dobie 9 will be opening January 2018

College Now
Dobie's College Now Program has a new website.
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JFD_TV 10-20-17 from JFD_TV on YouTube.

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