Editorial: Maybe The Wall Isn't So Bad

By: Alyssa Bernal

One of the main concerns all American citizens are arguing about is the famous Trump Wall. Unfortunately, the benefits of the border between Mexico and the U.S. has been a huge understatement portrayed by the media.

According to the predictions made by many working politicians, the wall would decrease the act of illegal immigration from Mexico. Many would say it is not a problem, but realistically, hidden immigration leads to the increase of drug dealing and sex trafficking between both countries.

Often, but not always, if the immigrant is traveling illegally, they are up to no good. More than likely, the individual is looking for a way to make quick money regardless of the situation.

 However, this does not pertain to everyone. They’re may be people who are not qualified for a visa to live in the U.S. but are in dear need for a better life.

Too add on, the wall would also provide an easier system for our U.S. border patrolling officers. The officers would lessen their worries due to increased protection in difficult regions such as the desert. The immigrants would be forced to enter through main entrances.

On the other hand, the wall is incredibly expensive. It would cost billions of dollars to create such a tall wall along a crazy distance. So, the majority of the country is not willing to allow such a big expense, hence the reason of no action has been made towards the construction of the wall.

The wall in stubborn regions would be highly beneficial. The cost, for one, would lower down. Also, the illegal acts made by the desperate immigrant would soon decrease or even vanish and the U.S. officers would not have to enter such hazardous conditions.

If the media was more openminded, not only would citizens understand Trump’s support for the wall, they would also agree.