Inside the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Committee
Posted on 10/24/2018

By Enoc Curiel

The Pasadena ISD boardroom sees plenty of discussion on school concerns. Meetings include discussions on ideas to improve resources in the schools, petitions for changes in policies, and building concerns that need to be brought to the attention of the district’s administration. Usually these various subjects are handled by principals, administration and other staff members.       

However, three times a year the adults take a back seat and listen to the kids.

On those occasions, student representatives from each PISD high school serve as leaders for their school on the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Committee.

When you are the superintendent of 55,000 students, it is hard to always get down to the student level,” said Dobie principal Franklin Moses. “However, Dr. Powell feels as though it is very important to hear the voices of the students, especially those who can form an opinion and back it up with evidence.”

The SSAC has been influencing vital changes in the district for more than twenty years. As recently as last year, dress code for girls concerning off-the-shoulder blouses was relaxed-- thanks to SSAC members voicing their opinions during their meetings.

Also last year, in the midst of a national debate on school safety, the district put a new drill into effect replacing the lockdown drill. The SSAC members were the first students who received training in this drill, gave their take on it, and provided ideas on how to bring the training to schools.

The groups from each school are usually made up of eight class officers, editors from the yearbook and newspaper, and one student appointed by their principal. The intention is that the SSAC members are already natural leaders in their schools, so that they represent their respected student bodies faithfully.