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Important Information Regarding Return of 
Face 2 Face Instruction

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Dobie9 Face to Face Return

Parents of Incoming Freshman

Have you made a decision?
Face-to-face or virtual?

Dobie9 Parents, we are getting ready for the 2nd Six Weeks to start. That means you and your
student have the opportunity to change whether your student wants to experience
Face-to-Face instruction again. We are getting excited about more of our students returning
face to face on September 21st. The QR code below will remind you whether you have chosen
face to face or virtual for the second six weeks grading period. If you type in your student’s ID
and it says “Virtual” and you want to change it,  please call the school
(713-740-5460) by noon on Friday,  September 11th.
Please note, when searching by ID # do not put the first zero(s) at
the beginning of the number (Ex. If a student’s ID is 0123456 you will
type in 123456. If a student’s ID # is 0000123 you will type in 123).

QR code for decision of Face-to-Face instruction

2020-2021 Registration Information
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Free and Reduced Lunch Application 

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Accountability Reports for 2018-2019 now available

                          Important Info for New Students

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Safety First
The safety of our students and staff is our first priority. 
If you see something, say something.

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