DECA Student in Dallas

DECA Student in Dallas
Posted on 03/03/2019

By: Emily Reyes

 This past weekend Dobie’s DECA team competed in state over at Dallas, Texas--and from  Thursday to Saturday, their schedule was packed with all things DECA.

 Starting with an opening ceremony on the first night, competition the next morning, and lastly an awards ceremony that lasted for hours on Saturday morning.

  This year, Dobie’s DECA took 7 members to state. These 7 members are Kobe Thompson, Kelly Pham, Kathy Vo, Lauryn Locksey, Michael Reyes, Ashley Tsikis, and this writer.

 Despite the small number students, it is actually a step up for the small club as last year they had only taken four students to state with only seven members in the club. This year, the club experienced a slight growth as the seven members turned to ten.

   One of the new members this year include Kobe Thompson who became the only finalist from Dobie.  “Next year I’m going to Nationals," Thompson said. "With a little more elbow grease I can make it to Nationals one day, and I fully intend to.”

  With state over and nobody going to nationals, DECA is just done competing for this year.

 But aside from competition, the club is still fundraising as it costs money to take students to a different city for competition. From hotel costs to transportation, it takes more money than DECA has in its reserves. For example, just to have a student compete it’s costs the club $180.

   To make up from the money spent the club has been organizing some fundraisers Including its latest one of cake pops. With a goal of raising $1,000, DECA began selling the pops two weeks ago, taking a break last week as that had been competition week.

As it stands right now, they have already exceeded that goal.

This week will finish off the cake pop sales, however DECA is likely to do it again sometime later this school year.

For more information, contact Jeffery McKnight in room 108.