Drawn Together

Anime Club Offered On Campus
Posted on 11/15/2018

By: Jalen Ina

 J Frank Dobie offers many clubs for students to attend to and participate in during Mega Lunch. One of the clubs Dobie has is the Anime Club, which is perfect for those that want to sit back and watch anime.

The previous president of the club, Cindy Vu, had left due to graduating high school. Son Truong took over as the person in charge.

 “I took over the club because of my passion for anime,” said Truong. “I find it important to open up your world and try to see new things. This gives both factors because just like any film, it can be as creative as you want it or as realistic to real life.”

The anime club had not always been only anime.

“The club first started as a manga and anime club, but then some people thought that they were very different and drew apart from one another. Now it is just the anime club,” said Truong.

The club had been going smoothly in previous years but less people are beginning to participate. The club is looking for more anime lovers to join and there are no requirements at all to do.

If you’re interested in participating, the anime club is on Wednesdays during the A lunch portion of Mega Lunch in room 112.