Column: Social Media Stealing the Beauty of Life?

Column: Social Media Stealing the Beauty of Life?
Posted on 03/04/2019

By Jennifer Nguyen

In a world of social media, everyone knows everyone. We follow each other’s lives around through a screen like lost little puppies.

 Doing this, most of us have lost our touch in appreciating and living in the moment.

 You go out to eat brunch with one of your friends. You guys order,  sit down, and then wait for your food.

  Once the food arrives, you stop the other from eating because you haven’t posted it on your instagram yet. Your friend doesn’t mind.

 As you guys are eating, perhaps even enjoying each other’s company, you get a text. You reach for your phone with no hesitation and text whoever texted you in the first place back. But then you get another text and another and then you decide to go to your instagram to see who has liked and commented on your post.

 By now, it’s certain that your friend is annoyed. You aren’t even talking to them. You’re too  interested in that little device that connects you to the worldwide web.

 Time goes by, and before you know it, brunch is done.

 Did you really enjoy brunch with your friend? Couldn’t you just have eaten at home since all you did was be on your phone?

 Now let’s view another  perspective.

 You go to a concert, the artist comes out and all you see are cell phones around you. You get upset because no one is really enjoying the music.

 Yeah, they might be there, singing along, posting it on Snapchat, but they aren’t living in the moment. Everyone is too worked up on making sure the angle is just right and that the people on their social media know that they are at the concert.

 This is how our generation. Everyone is so worked up on making their personal lives known on the internet, but by doing this, is one’s personal life really personal anymore?

  All we know is to post anything and everything we’re doing because we want to share our experiences with others. This means we aren’t technically experiencing it at its maximum capacity.  

What if, one were to delete social media? They would be enjoying life without all the technologies clouding it. They might just appreciate the beauty nature can offer.