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Student Council

  • Student Council banner written with buttons

Sponsors - Ms. Johnson and Mrs. Simmons

Meeting Times:  Wednesdays - B Lunch (Media Room)

J. Frank Dobie’s Student Council is a leadership training organization.  Our council is a group of elected and volunteer students.  Our council works together with their peers, faculty, administration and the surrounding community to address issues of concern and organize student events and activities on campus and in the community.

To become a member, you must complete an application, have and maintain at least a 2.0 GPA, as well as have an exemplary discipline record. In order to remain a member, you must meet or exceed the participation requirements set forth by the Council. First year Freshmen are granted automatic probationary membership until after the Fall semester. After the Fall semester, they will fall under the above requirements to receive ACTIVE status.

2018 – 2019 Student Body Executive Board

  • William "Trey" Pettis – Student Body President
  • Bianca Perez – Student Body Vice-President
  • Jordan Tran – Junior Class President
  • Gabriela Dorantes – Junior Class Vice-President
  • Sebastian Herrera – Sophomore Class President 
  • Krystal Flores – Sophomore Class Vice-President
  • Michael de la Garza – Freshmen Class President
  • Ashley Pham – Freshmen Class Vice-President
  • Kelly Ramirez – Historian
  • Andrea Uribe – Historian 
  • Shawn O' Donell – Parliamentarian
  • Katherine Martinez – Public Relations Co-Chair
  • Naomi Rodriguez – Public Relations Co-Chair
  • Darianna Glen – Secretary Co-Chair
  • Stephanie Gallegos – Secretary Co-Chair
  • Gabby Gonzalez – Sponsor Assistant Co-Chair
  • Keishon Groves – Sponsor Assistant Co-Chair
  • Trevor Hondros – Treasures Co-Chair
  • Tammy Dang – Treasurer Co-Chair 
  • Krystalyn Garcia – Community Service Co-Chair
  • Jonathan Nuncio – Drug Awareness, Safety & Health Co-Chair
  • Judy Ngo – Energy & Environment Co-Chair
  • Nairda Marcedo – Energy & Environment Co-Chair
  • Thomas Torres – Pride & Patriotism Chair
  • Darielys Alexander – Pride & Patriotism Chair